Top 5 Best Ravioli Makers in 2020

Top Best Ravioli Makers

Everybody loves homemade ravioli, it is leagues ahead of any store-bought frozen ravioli, however, making it yourself is also a pretty daunting and messy task, especially if you are not experienced at it. Today we would like to offer you a list of best ravioli makers that might help out in the kitchen and ease the task of making ravioli.

In general, making ravioli is simple, you put a sheet of pasta on your surface, add scoops of your filling, put another sheet of pasta on top, seal, and cut. But many times you end up forming them in different sizes, misshaping with large and not tasty borders, not sealing properly. In order to fight that we picked up tools and cutters which will help you at making ravioli easy and fast. Take some time to read through our reviews and pick the best ravioli maker for you!

Our Best Ravioli Maker Picks

Best Ravioli Maker: Norpro Ravioli Maker With Press (buy on Amazon)

Best Ravioli Maker Machine: Pasta Maker Deluxe Set By Cucina Pro (buy on Amazon)

Best Handheld Ravioli Cutter: William & Douglas 4-Piece Ravioli Maker Set (buy on Amazon)

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Best Ravioli Maker Reviews

Norpro Ravioli Maker With Press

Norpro Ravioli Maker With Press

This ravioli maker is amazing, it is very simple to use and you will get perfect results even the first time you use it. Norpro ravioli maker press makes twelve 1.5”/4cm ravioli. You can also make other varieties of dumplings with it like manti, jiaozi or wontons, samosas, gujiya, or kreplach. You can also make stuffed cookies or two-bite pies. This maker also includes easy recipes for pasta dough and ravioli.

The Norpro ravioli maker needs to be hand washed. The tray and press measures 12 x 4.2 x 1 inches and weighs 1.5 pounds.

When using Norpro ravioli maker we found it helpful to spray the pan with pam first, it allows to take out the pressed ravioli very easily without sticking to the tray.

If you don’t use pasta machines and can make pasta dough yourself, just don’t like the hassle with forming and cutting tens or even hundreds of ravioli by hand, this is a great and not expensive pick to make your life easier and prepare dinner faster.

Ravioli Maker by Cucina Pro

Ravioli Maker by Cucina Pro

Cucina Pro also has a ravioli tray and press. Their product makes 10 ravioli at a time. The product dimensions are 12.5 x 5.5 x 1.2  inches and weighs 14.4 ounces. The two pieces are not dishwasher safe like the Norpro ravioli maker so make sure to wash them by hand.

This ravioli maker and press makes a little larger raviolis for those who prefer a more generous size. So make sure that your dough size is adjusted to that. Using Cucina Pro ravioli maker will cut your ravioli making time by half, don’t spend another minute shaping and cutting ravioli with a knife, you just don’t need to!

One inconvenience we encountered with this ravioli maker is that the 6 small feet on the mold are made of metal and it slips around on a granite counter top. If it gives you trouble you will need to put some rubber stick-on feet.

All in all, it is a great product for its price, very good buy for new and experienced cooks that want to make ravioli faster. One negative is the sliding feet.

William & Douglas 4-Piece Ravioli Maker Set

William & Douglas 4-Piece Ravioli Maker Set

This is a handheld set of all the tools you will need to make fresh homemade ravioli. Roll the dough with a pastry roller, then cut and seal almost all stuffed pasta with the included stamper, wheel, and roller. This set also includes an illustrated recipe and ravioli making guide written by a gourmet chef. The manufacturers also have a 100% money-back guarantee if you are not happy with your purchase.

The two ravioli stamps included will allow you to make square and circle shapes. The rolling cutter allows easily to create triangles, hearts and any other shapes imagined with ease. The rolling pin that is in the set is actually the perfect size you need for delicate pasta for your ravioli.

The hardwood handles from the set are healthy to use because they are bacteria resistant and have a good grip for any hand size, even children. Roller and crimps are made from zinc alloy. Make sure to wash them with hand, they are not dishwasher safe.

This set is actually very durable, after washing and soaking it does not rust. The company makes good quality products that last a long time. This ravioli maker set has everything you need to make ravioli by hand and not spend a ton on expensive machines.

Fox Run Ravioli Cutters (Set of 2)

Fox Run Ravioli Makers Cutters (Set of 2)

You feel comfortable making your dough by hand and just need to cut them fast? We have the perfect product. Fox run ravioli cutters are just what you need. 2 metal ravioli stamps to easily cut perfect sized raviolis. The tools are sturdy and have a wooden handle for good grip. 1 cutter is 2.5” round and the other is a square cutter made from aluminum.

The stamps are lightweight and easy to use. You will make perfectly sealed ravioli every time just make sure you use enough force to go through the dough if you like a little thicker dough. They also do not take a lot of space in your drawer.

Pasta Maker Deluxe Set By Cucina Pro

Pasta Maker Deluxe Set By Cucina Pro

This set is more than just a ravioli maker. It has everything you need to make your favorite pasta. You can make spaghetti, fettuccine, angel hair, ravioli and lasagnettes in your home everyday. The machine is made from chrome coated steel. You can also purchase an electric motor additionally, to attach instead of the handle.

This set has spaghetti, fettuccine, angel hair, ravioli, and lasagnette attachments to use. Main unit is designed to flatten your dough to desired thickness. It has seven settings to start from thickest and work your way to thinnest.

Then you use your desired attachments for the pasta you want. The ravioli attachment will take a few tries to get used to. But when you get some experience, making ravioli will become fast and mess-free.

The pasta maker at the bottom has hard white plastic pieces that on smooth surfaces will slide, people seem to complain about that, but we think it is made with purpose. When you are rolling pasta you have the option to slide the unit so the pasta can be flat on your surface when it comes out , instead of folding on itself.

If you are fine investing a little more into a ravioli maker and love other kinds of pasta this is a great purchase. For the price it is on the lower side compared to other pasta making machines, is of great quality, and has a number of attachments for different pasta.


So what is the best ravioli maker for you? It is difficult to say, since it depends on what you actually need. If you are fine rolling your pasta yourself and forming ravioli ant just the cutter or stamper then the Fox Run ravioli pasta stamps is a low investment buy for sure. If you need help with forming ravioli and want to cut your time with making ravioli immensely we advise buying  Norpro Ravioli Maker With Press. Finally if you are often making other kind of pastas, have space in your storage and able to spend more than $20 Pasta Maker Deluxe set by Cucina Pro is a great investment for your kitchen.

What do you need to know about ravioli makers?

Before buying a ravioli maker or generally any pasta maker or cutter you should know that these tools require maintenance. You need to clean them as soon as you use them. If you let pasta bits stay on your machine it will be much harder to clean later on.

After buying a ravioli maker don’t be afraid to fail at first time, they do require experience and testing. Also make sure you have enough space to store then in the kitchen. If you don’t have storage space don’t buy a 10 pieace set that will take your whole drawer.

In the end, ravioli makers are great tools for people who make ravioli often and enjoy rustic homemade food. You can make hundreds raviolis with these tools for big families or to freeze for next dinners.