How does Cauliflower taste like and how to cook it?

How does a cauliflower taste like and how to cook it

Cauliflower, one of the vegetables that you either absolutely love or absolutely hate. What does caulifloer taste like?

Some people say that it tastes sweet and nutty with bitter undertones while others say it tastes bland like rice. No matter how you look at it, it is still very healthy for you and it can be used in various ways depending on how you cook with it.

It originates from the Northeast Mediterranean island Cyprus and it is very high in vitamin C and a good source of folate.

The cauliflower taste varies for different palettes, some say it tastes sweet and nutty with bitter undertones while others say it tastes bland like rice.

In this article we will be talking about several things all about cauliflower. We will talk about cooking methods. We will also talk about taste and compare it to other foods, and we will also talk about different ways to prepare it. 


What does cauliflower taste like?

Cauliflower can taste different to different people and it massively depends on how you prepare the cauliflower. When cooked properly it tastes amazing but if you overcook it the taste could get very bitter. Sometimes people say that it tastes bland and resembles soggy rice, others say that it tastes sweet with nutty flavours and bitter undertones.

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Why does cauliflower taste bad?

There are a reasons that we have to look at when it comes to why cauliflower can taste bad or bitter:


The main factor is simply overcooking it, when you overcook cauliflower it will develop a bitter taste.

Colour Variations

Colour variations can also have an impact on the taste; the brighter colours tend to be less bitter than the paler versions that we see more of in your common grocery store. If you feel that regular white cauliflower is too bitter for you try looking for purple cauliflowers in farmer markets.

purple cauliflower is less bitter

Genetics and Growing Conditions

Growing conditions and genetics will also lead to some cauliflower having a more bitter taste than others. If a cauliflower is harvested too late it will naturally have a higher bitterness.

How to cook cauliflower?

There are many ways to cook cauliflower, and most think that the only way you can cook it is by boiling it as this is the most common method. Like with any other vegetables there are more exciting ways to cook cauliflower. However, you must remember that in order to avoid a bitter taste and mushy texture, you must not overcook it. Here are some of the more popular cauliflower cooking methods.


It might not be the healthiest method, but frying cauliflower is a very tasty method. It is a popular method among vegetarians and vegans because you can easily make cauliflower fried “chicken”. You can make a variety different of breading and batter to coat the cauliflower in and then you can pop it in a pan full of oil or a deep fryer.

Cauliflower chicken


Steaming cauliflower is an easy and very healthy way to cook it! All you need to do is fill the bottom of a pot with 2 inches of water, and then you can place the steamer basket and put in the cauliflower florets. Cover then steam over medium-high heat for 5-7 min. You want it to be tender but still have a crunch.  

Steamed cauliflower

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Sautéing cauliflower can be one of the tastiest ways to prepare cauliflower. It gives you the ability to cook it with various seasonings and ingredients, unlike steaming and boiling. The key is to not cook it for more than 10 minutes or else you will start to overcook it. Use a little oil in a sauté pan and cook for 10 min, or until it is golden brown and has a nice texture. 

Sauteed cauliflower


Roasting also allows you to add some amazing flavors to cauliflower, and it is also another great alternative to cooking healthy. For best results heat your oven to 450 degrees then toss the florets into some oil and whatever seasonings that you wish to season them with. Place in a roasting pan or baking sheet and cook for 20 min or until golden brown, occasionally turning them during that 20 min.

Roasted cauliflower

Is cauliflower better than broccoli?

Is cauliflower better than broccoli

Honestly when it comes down to nutrition both are amazing vegetables. They are very low in calories and high in fiber making them an amazing weight loss food. Broccoli is higher in vitamin K and C and has Vitamin A which cauliflower lacks. As far as taste each have their own qualities that people both enjoy or hate. 

So is cauliflower better than broccoli? No, there a few differences but they are both very nutritious, low in calories and have a variety of vitamins.  

What is cauliflower rice?

What is cauliflower rice?

Cauliflower rice is simply cauliflower that has been put through a food processor and turned into grains that resemble rice. 

Cauliflower rice is a healthier alternative to rice as it is both grain and carb-free which is perfect for most diets that are circulating around today. It is also quicker when it comes to cooking time because you can cook it in only a few minutes as compared to rice which takes close to 30 minutes.    

How to make cauliflower rice?

Making cauliflower rice is extremely easy to prepare, and can be done either manually or with a food processor.

 First you begin by cutting it in half, removing both the core and the green leaves in the process. Then break it down further by cutting them down into small florets.

The next steps will differ depending if you are using either a food processor or if you are doing it by hand.

The food processor is the recommended way, as it is safer for your fingers and much much faster. You just simply put the florets into the food processor and pulse it until you grind it down into rice size pieces.

The manual way involves you using a hand grater and, the end result is the same, it is just a longer route to take, and if you are not careful you might nick your fingers.