Best Gnocchi Board

Best gnocchi board

Everyone that I have ever met loves gnocchi and those saying they don’t probably haven’t tried freshly made gnocchi at all.

The super soft and fluffy potato pillows are an amazing dish that is actually really easy to make at home and doesn’t require any complex techniques or expensive equipment.

All you need is a potato ricer to mash the potatoes, believe us it will make your life much easier. A gnocchi board that will allow you to make gnocchi with ridges to soak all that juicy sauce you prepared. Additionally, you might want to consider buying a pastry board if you don’t have a proper surface to work your gnocchi dough on.

Our Top Best Gnocchi Board is Eppicotispai Natural Beechwood Gnocchi Stripper and Paddle (buy on Amazon)

In this short guide, we will pick our favorite best gnocchi boards you can buy, go over gnocchi board maintenance, and other equipment you need to make gnocchi at home.

Top Best Gnocchi Boards

Eppicotispai Natural Beechwood Gnocchi Stripper and Paddle

This Gnocchi Board is manufactured by Tomson Inc an Italian company so you are actually making an Italian dish with proper high-quality Italian equipment.

Eppicotispai Natural Beechwood Quick Gnocchi Stripper and Paddle, Gnocchi Maker, Gnocchi Board

Eppicotispai wooden boards are made from natural beechwood which gives you a soft grip and the gnocchi or pasta dough does not stick.

It is important to mention that if you want to maintain the quality of a wooden gnocchi board you should always hand wash it.

Eppicotispai Natural Beechwood Gnocchi board is just over 8 inches in length and 2.4 inches width. It is really easy and comfortable to hold it by the handle.

Don’t be frightened by the small size of this board it is more than enough to make perfect gnocchi since you make one at a time anyway.

Small size and just under 3 ounces weight makes this board easy to store in any kitchen.

What makes this board the best gnocchi board on our list is that it is simple, convenient, good quality, and very affordable.

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Kitchen Craft Home Made Wooden Gnocchi Board / Butter Paddle

Kitchen Craft Home Made Wooden Gnocchi Board / Butter Paddle

Gnocchi board from Kitchen Craft is another high-quality product with a low price and it comes in a set of 2 boards for a very low price.

Kitchen Craft Gnocchi boards are 8 inches long and 2.5 inches width which is more than enough for gnocchi making by hand.

The eye-catching wooden paddles are very ergonomic and easy to grip so the gnocchi making process doesn’t make your hand numb.

This wooden gnocchi maker is similar to our top gnocchi board but gets a second position since it is a set of 2 wooden boards. Most people just need one gnocchi board as they are high-quality and last long.

However, for a few extra dollars getting another board is a good deal if you want to have another board just in case or gift it to someone.

These gnocchi boards are also great tools to shape your homemade butter and serve it on the table as the natural wood texture will make your homemade butter even more authentic.

Eppicotispai EP-89 Garganelli and Gnocchi Stripper with Paddle

Eppicotispai EP-89 Garganelli and Gnocchi Stripper with Paddle

We have another Eppicotispai gnocchi board in our list and this time it is a 2-in-1 gnocchi maker and garganelli maker.

This Italian made beechwood board is great for rolling ridged gnocchi in just seconds.

As an addition to being a great gnocchi maker, it also has a thin pin which will allow you to make garganelli, which is another type of Italian pasta.

It is not only easy to use but also easy to store. This board has two wholes that make storing very convenient. The first hole is at the top of the board so you can hook the whole board on any kitchen hook or hanger.

The second hole is beneath the ridged block and is used to store the rolling pin. This way you always know where the pin is and just avoid the chance of losing it in the storage drawer.

The only thing we don’t like about this board is that it does not have a comfortable handle to properly hold the rolling board. The comfort to hold the board firmly was sacrificed to hang the board. This was the reason this board didn’t get the best gnocchi maker spot.

Eppicotispai Garganelli and Gnocchi Stripper

Eppicotispai Garganelli and Gnocchi Stripper

Another Eppicotispai pasta board?? Yes, this Italian company is making the best artisan gnocchi boards so we have to praise them for it.

Eppicotispai Garganelli and Gnocchi Stripper is the last gnocchi maker on our list, however, it does not mean its the worst. It has high-quality beechwood perfect size to make gnocchi and garganelli since it comes with a wooden pin.

So this natural beechwood gnocchi and garganelli maker has an ergonomic handle instead of a hole for hanging, yay! But this time there is nowhere to hold the garganelli pin!

This really confused us, if they just combined the latter and this gnocchi board it would have made the perfect product to take the number 1 best gnocchi board title.

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Which gnocchi maker to choose?

In all honesty, every single one of these boards will make great gnocchi. The difference between them are just minor engineering distinctions.

We have picked the best quality boards that don’t cost a lot. You don’t need any fancy board as long as it is of quality wood, ridged, and comfortable to hold.

The decision which is better for you depends on how you want to use the board. Are you planning on using it as a garganelli board? Then pick a board with the pin. Do you want to hang your board in the kitchen so it stays as part of your kitchen decor? Then go with the one that has a hanger.

All of them are good, decide how you want to use it, where will you store it and you will have your answer.

Gnocchi Board Maintenance. How To Maintain and How Often?

First of all, every gnocchi board or any wooden board in general needs to be hand washed after every use. Never put a wooden board into a dishwasher. The better you take care of your board the longer it will serve.

The most general and easiest maintenance that will make your board last is just simple scrub with hot soapy water after every use and then wiping it dry.

Never soak wooden boards or leave them wet because they will warp and crack.

An additional tool increases the longevity of your gnocchi maker is oiling it once in a while. Some people do it once a month others once or twice a year. You can use simple mineral oil (buy on Amazon) which is really cheap and can be used for any wooden boards or spoons.

Make sure the board is dry, apply the oil evenly let it soak for a while, maybe even throughout the night, wipe any excess oil and you are done!

Here is a great article from TheKitchn on wooden board and spoon maintenance.


  1. Just FYI – re: the Eppicotispai EP-89 Garganelli and Gnocchi Stripper with Paddle, you said “The only thing we don’t like about this board is that it does not have a comfortable handle to properly hold the rolling board.” While the hole on the top can certainly be used to hang it, it’s meant for the dowel (that is used to roll garganelli). You put the dowel through the hole, and it props the board up at whatever angle you like. This means you can use *both hands* to roll your gnocchi. While rolling a gnocchi, the other hand is grabbing the next piece. It doesn’t NEED a handle. (I had the other version, with the handle, and this is much, much faster.)

    1. Thank you Julie for your response and advice! We didn’t know the actual use of the hole! This is great information that more people should know. I’ll make sure to update the page with proper information!


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