Top 7 Best Coffee Urns in 2020

If you are preparing to serve coffee for a large group of people you need to get the best coffee urn in the market. Coffee urns are the best thing to hit the market for people that need to serve large amounts of coffee, yet many don’t know their functionality. Coffee Urns are an excellent alternative to coffee brewers a.k.a percolators.

They are capable of brewing larger amounts of coffee all while keeping it warm till service. Continue reading our ultimate coffee urn guide and reviews of the best coffee urns with the Hamilton Beach Dual spout-coffee urn as our top best coffee urn in 2020.

Our Top Picks

Overall Best Coffee UrnHamilton Beach Dual-spout Coffee Urn (buy on Amazon)

Best Small Coffee Urn – Waring WCU30 S/S 120V 30 Cup Coffee Urn (buy on Amazon)

Best Large Coffee Urn – Waring Commercial WCU110 S/S 120V 110 Cup Coffee Urn (buy on Amazon)

Best Coffee Urn review

What is a coffee urn?

Coffee Urns have been around since the 18th century, but what are they? To put it simply, they are a large coffee maker that is capable of brewing large amounts of coffee and serves it as well! A simple coffee maker only prepares enough coffee for only a few people to drink; whereas a coffee urn can prepare coffee for a whole office.

They generally come with a spigot at the bottom, making it easy for people to self-serve their own coffee without the issue of dropping or spilling. They are an amazing time saver when it comes to brewing coffee for a large group, they are great for anywhere from 10 to 100 people, and they are perfect for meetings, offices, camping trips, and family gatherings.  

What we will be talking about in this article

In this article, we will go in-depth into the best coffee urns in the market. We will be talking about different types, what to look for when purchasing coffee urns. You will learn how to properly clean a coffee urn, and if you choose to purchase a coffee urn we will give you our best coffee urn picks to purchase. So grab yourself a nice cup of hot coffee, and enjoy reading on.

Top Best Coffee Urn Reviews in 2020

Hamilton Beach Dual-spout coffee urn

Hamilton Beach Dual-Spout Coffee Urn

Our number one pick for the best coffee urn is the Hamilton Beach Dual-spout Coffee urn. This urn has a special feature, dual spouts that allow two guests to get coffee at the same time, that many of the other urns lack. 

This coffee urn can make anywhere from 15-45 cups at once, and the inside interior has level markings that make measuring and making coffee very convenient!  An added bonus is that the inside is made with aluminum which makes cleaning up a breeze, not to mention the lid and basket are both dishwashers safe.

This electric coffee urn does come with a few safety features which are heat resistant handles and a locking lid that will prevent spillage if you are walking with it or if it gets tipped over.

One disadvantage we can see is that there are no visible markings of how much coffee is left in the urn. You have to open the lid to check inside. Most coffee urns have this problem.

Hamilton Dual Sprout coffee urn

Whether you are hosting a small family event or a banquet, this is the best coffee urn for both commercial use and personal use, and it’s fast and convenient since it only takes a minute per cup for brewing.


  • Great for medium-large events
  • Dual spouts
  • Markings inside of the urn
  • Easy to clean
  • Lid and basket dishwasher safe
  • Safety features
  • Cup activated dispensing


  • Can’t see how much coffee is left from outside

 Nesco CU-30 Professional Coffee Urn

Nesco CU-30 Professional Coffee Urn

The Nesco CU-30 is one of the best small coffee urns. It has two purchase options. The first option makes up to 30 cups and the second option makes up to 50 cups.

This coffee urn is equipped with a stainless steel double insulated tank which can retain heat far longer than that of single-walled urns.

Nesco coffee urn also has a keep warm button that can keep the coffee warm all day, because who likes cold coffee right?

One of its features is cool-touch handles, which saves you from burning your fingers when you are moving it while it is hot, and a locking spill-proof lid.

This coffee urn also comes with an amazing feature that a low of coffee urns don’t have – an easy to read water gauge which can tell you how many cups are left in the urn before you need to refill it.

The metal coffee basket is dishwasher safe, and the stainless steel wall inside makes it easy to clean after a day of use. You will also no longer have to guess when the coffee is ready because it does come with a green indicator light that will warn you when the coffee is up to temperature.

The only disadvantage we can see is that a few customers complained about the fuses or that the urn randomly stops working after using it for 50-100 days. This suggest us that the build quality, especially of the electrical parts, might not be of best quality.


  • Double-wall stainless steel insulated tank
  • Enclosed water gouge
  • Cool-touch handles
  • 950 Watt power
  • 6.8-liter capacity (30 cups)


  • Occasional problems with fuses and random shut downs

 HomeCraft CU30SS Quick-Brewing

HomeCraft CU30SS Quick-Brewing coffee urn

The HomeCraft CU30SS is the best all-purpose coffee urn, it is perfect for brewing and serving coffee, tea, hot cider, hot chocolate and more! With its keep-warm function, you can keep the contents inside at the perfect serving temperature for hours without it even getting cold!  

Do you need to use it for a family reunion, or maybe for a large banquet? Well no problem! This coffee urn has two purchasing options, a 30 cup option or the 45 cup option. The 45 cup option comes with a double faucet with allows two people at a time to pour coffee.

This electric coffee urn comes with a two-way drip-less spout, pushing it down allows you to fill single coffee cups while pushing it up locks it into place if you want to fill carafes while the dripless feature keeps your table nice and clean.

HomeCraft CU30SS Coffee percolator is 9.5 x 9.5 x 16 inches in size. It has water level markings inside the water tank to clearly see how much water you need to fill up. Along with that, it has an interesting feature that it comes with a clear knob on the top which allows you to watch the coffee percolate.

At the top of the tank you will have 2 heat resistant handles that allow for easy and safe transportation.

Having 1000 Watt power this coffee percolator can make 1 cup of coffee a minute. The led light indicator will also help you to know when the coffee is ready to go.

After you finish using this coffee urn you can dishwash the reusable filter (saves money on paper filters!) and easily clean the stainless steel tank.

One thing we are a bit disapointed is that there is no off button, if you want to turn it off (if you don’t want it to keep on warming the liquids inside) you have to unplug it.

Other than that, it is an amazing all purpose coffee urn and the best budget coffee urn on our list.


  • Great all purpose coffee urn
  • 2 way dripless spout
  • Water level markings
  • Heat resistant handles and base
  • 1000 Watt (1 cup = 1 minute)
  • Dishwasher safe coffee filter
  • Great price


  • No Off button

SYBO RCM016S-8B Coffee Urn

SYBO RCM016S-8B Commercial coffee urn

The SYBO RCM016S-8B is the best commercial coffee urn and so far the fastest coffee urn on our list. It has two buying options, a 50 cup option and a 100 cup option, and it takes only 30 minutes to brew 50 cups and an hour to brew 100 cups. Most other urns, take a minute for each cup.

The nice thing about the urn is that is durable, it is made of food-grade 304 stainless steel body and coffee basket which is perfect for resisting dents and maintain a brilliant shine over time. The spigot is high quality meaning that it should take years of abuse.

SYBO urn has great safety features like automatic shut off, heats proof handles and twist and lock lid.

Its matte and metallic surface makes it very versatile and fitting in any atmosphere, from a workplace, home counter, or a banquet.

This 8-liter large coffee urn has all the features you need in a good coffee urn. There are water level markings insides, Heating/Warming light indicators, ON/OFF buttons, and also viewable water level gauge!


  • 8 Liter capacity (50cups)
  • Automatic shut off
  • Heatproof handles
  • Locking lid
  • 304 Stainless steel
  • Good looking
  • Viewable water gauge


  • Water level markings inside not clear
  • Sometimes shuts off before coffee is hot

Waring WCU30 S/S 120V 30 Cup Coffee Urn

Waring WCU30 S S 120V 30 Cup Coffee Urn

The Waring WCU30 is an elegant coffee urn and its two size options make it both the best small coffee urn and the best large coffee urn. The two purchasing options are either the 30 cup option or the 110 cup option.

It has a single-walled tank, but that does not stop it from keeping coffee warm and dispensing it at a perfect 185 degrees.

There is no keep warm button, however, it warms automatically. The moment it finishes brewing coffee the warming feature kicks in and keeps coffee hot until you turn off the urn.

It is both easy to use and to clean, with a removable dishwasher safe basket, and stainless steel inside.

Waring coffee urn and percolator has cool to touch handles which make it safe for transporting, and a locking lid to prevent spills and burns. It can brew 30 cups in around 20 minutes and has a boil dry protection which resets when it senses that there is no more liquid in the container if you forget to check the water level gauge.

Another safety feature is ergonomic cool-touch handles and tank lid.

This high-quality urn has a commercial-grade dual heater that brews the coffee at 200F and dispenses it at around 185F.

The design is very minimalistic, the stainless steel with black plastic look is perfect for any occasion.

The only downside we have is that the spout is a bit small and the liquid inside comes out pretty slow.

Waring WCU30 S S 120V 30 Cup Coffee Urn

Other than that it’s an amazingly build coffee urn that looks good, is sturdy and very powerful. It comes at a bit higher price than other coffee urns, but we would rather pay more for quality and longevity.


  • Elegant design
  • Sturdy build
  • Water level gauge
  • Powerful dual-heater
  • Cool to touch handles and lid
  • Safety shut-off if there is no liquid inside


  • Small spout
  • A bit expensive

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 Hamilton Beach Commercial Stainless Steel Coffee Urn

The Hamilton Beach Commercial Stainless Steel Coffee Urn is one of the best large coffee urns. It can make up to 60 cups at a time, which would take an hour as it brews one cup per minute.

It is both practical and aesthetically appealing with its metal finish, interesting form and safety features which include a locking lid to avoid spills and heatproof handles.

This large coffee warmer has an indicator light that lets you know when your coffee is ready.

The spout is well designed with a cup trip handle dispenser which is perfect for one-handed dispensing, meaning all you have to do is push it with your cup, and then it will start filling.

Its smooth stainless steel interior helps prevent buildup and stains and allows easy cleaning.

Another great feature is that it has a clear window lid like water level gouge that lets you see when the liquid level is low.

Hamilton Beach Commercial Stainless Steel Coffee Urn

Having a great design with good safety features makes it a great commercial coffe urns. The only downside we see is that when it is percolating coffee it makes quite a bit of noise.


  • Good looking
  • Sturdy
  • Easy to use cup trip handle
  • Dishwasher safe parts


  • Loud when brewing coffee

Proctor Silex 45100

Proctor Silex 45100 100 Cup Brushed Aluminum Coffee Urn

The Proctor Silex 45100 is one of the best commercial coffee urns.

You can choose from 40, 60 or 100 cup sizes, and they are all made with a brushed aluminum finish which makes it very durable.

This large coffee urn has a dual heater system that brews the coffee one cup per minute. Once the brewing part is done it shuts off and the gentle warmer kicks in to keep the coffee at constant serving temperature without it being overcooked.  

Protox boil-dry protection will automatically shut off the urn the moment that it senses that there is no more liquid.

This design also has a twist and lock lid that will prevent the spillage if it is accidently knocked over. The plastic handles keep your hands from burning and are heavy duty, making it easy to transport.   

It has a hands free spout, making it easy to pour coffee with one hand, and it is NSF approved, which makes it best for restaurant and hotel use.  We were a bit disappointed with the spout, it seemed not very durable and a bit wobbly.


  • Heavy-duty build
  • Large 100 cup tank
  • Dual-heater system
  • Safety shut off system
  • Cup trip spout
  • Cool to touch handles


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Things to consider before buying a coffee urn.


When you are considering buying a coffee urn it is best to look at what material it is made out of. Some can be made out of plastic while others are made out of stainless steel.

Plastic coffee urns tend to break more frequently and often retain the odor of stale coffee, which means you probably have to replace them more often. In the long run, stainless steel will always be the best choice because they last longer and are much sturdier.

Most coffee urns will be made out of stainless steel, and some have an aluminum and silver construction, which will not retain the coffee odor.


Whether you are brewing for 10 people or 100, the capacity of your urn can make a huge difference. Some urns can brew 20 cups and some can brew 100 or more. You need to purchase the one that best suits your needs.

If you intend to use it for a large group of people you are going to want one that can brew 100 cups at a time instead of one that only brews 20 cups. On the other hand, if you are having small events pick a small coffee urn that takes less space, is easier to transport, store, and clean.


Heating is a very important part of choosing a coffee awrmer. Most urns come with the built-in ability to continually keep the coffee warm at the push of the button, but some don’t and just act as a thermos so the heat will last as long as the coffee is hot.

The built-in feature of keeping the coffee warm is a must for any good coffee urn.

Design and ergonomics

There are numerous designs for coffee urns and you can pick the one that YOU like, however, make sure that it has good ergonomics like cool-touch handles and lids, easy to pour spouts, and stable stands/legs.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do coffee urns make good coffee?

Coffee urns produce the same quality of coffee as any other type of coffee brewer or percolator, but it all depends on how you operate it.

If the urn keeps the coffee warm or not, it can greatly affect the quality over time. If the coffee gets cold without the warmer feature not present it will often get stale.

We would advise the best tasting coffee that you either use spring water or filtered water.

Do coffee urns need filters?

Coffee urns are different from normal coffee brewers; one of which is that urns do not require a coffee filter. These large coffee percolators have a coffee basket where you put the grounds in, so in a sense it acts as a filter all in itself. However you can still use a filter if you wish if you want to make clean up a bit easier, though it is not required.

How much coffee do you need to put in coffee urn?

When it comes to guessing how much coffee you need to add to your urn, you might get a little confused, but don’t worry most coffee urns make it extremely easy for you.

The coffee basket should have measurements on it showing how much to use. In the event that the basket does not contain these, or they get to the point that they are no longer visible, here is a simple guideline to follow.

You need around 1 and ¼ cups of ground coffee per 12 servings to make a strong brew and about ¾ to 1 cup of ground coffee per 12 cups for a milder brew.

How to clean a coffee urn?

Ok so after a long day of brewing coffee, it comes time to do the dirty part, cleaning your coffee urn!

  1. Always make sure you rinse out the urn after each use, this will make it easier to clean in the long run.
  2. Add a little hot water then brush the sides with a coffee urn approved brush, then rinse it.
  3. Fill with hot water, run the brew cycle, pour everything out.
  4. Disassemble the pieces that require cleaning, then scrub and wash them with hot water or dishwasher if they are dishwasher safe.
  5. Remove cover and clean it.
  6. Leave the parts to dry before assembling to prevent rust.

Note: Most automatic urns have the BREW, START, STOP or RINSE buttons. The RINSE button will spray scalding hot water into the liner for cleaning and rinsing.

How to descale your coffee urn

Here’s a quick and helpful video from Hamilton Beach on how to descale your coffee urn