Top 6 Best Coffee Mug Warmers in 2020

Coffee mug warmers started gaining popularity first in 2010, and recently they have even grown more in popularity. They are extremely convenient if you want to drink coffee while working on your computer at work, or even sitting at home working at your desk. Coffee Mug Warmers, like VOBAGA Coffee Mug Warmer (buy on Amazon), will keep your lukewarm coffee or tea warm or even hot for hours!

What is a coffee mug warmer?

Coffee mug warmers are flat plate heaters than can either be plugged into a wall socket or a USB port, which is perfect if you are always near your computer. They help maintain the warmth of your coffee for hours. One added benefit of them is that they also act as a coaster! So warm coffee + protected table = happy camper! 


In this article, we will be enlightening you on coffee mug warmers. We will tell you about their functionality such as safety features and on/off capabilities, best brands, and common questions that people tend to ask about them.  

Best Coffee Mug Warmer Reviews

VOBAGA Coffee Mug Warmer&Cup Warmer

VOBAGA Coffee Warmer & Mug Warmer

The VOGBAGA Coffee Mug Warmer is our top pick for the best coffee mug warmer, it very extremely affordable and very versatile! You can warm coffee, teas, hot cocoa, soup, and even candles!

It is small and easy to bring anywhere you like, which is perfect for at home or office use. The simple surface allows for an easy wipe down and cleaning.

It features a simple on/off indicator light, longer power cord for convenience. The one benefit that we enjoy is the fact that it auto shuts off after 4 hours, which makes it a very safe coffee warmer!

good coffee mug warmer

It does have 3 temperature settings, you get to choose the temperature by touching the “Tempering button” you can choose from 104, 131 or 149 degrees F.

Smart Coffee Warmer, BESTINNKITS

Smart Coffee mug Warmer, BESTINNKITS

The BESTINNKITS smart coffee warmer is one of the best coffee mug warmers on our list. It is easy to use and it is very versatile, you can warm coffee, tea, milk, cocoa, and even candle wax! It comes with a built-in gravity induction switch with indicator light. 

With that being said you do not have to turn it on or off manually, all you have to do is place your mug down and then it will start warming and the moment you take it off it stops working. The one downside is that your mug needs to be over 0.8 lbs in order for it to turn on the warmer.

The heating plate is covered in a layer of thermal conductive glass which makes it waterproof, you won’t have to worry about the occasional spill, and it is easy to clean!

This makes a perfect gift with its compact and beautiful design and its smart ability to keep coffee warm, this is both perfect for yourself or as a gift to a friend or loved one.


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YEVIOR Coffee Cup Warmer

YEVIOR Coffee Cup Warmer

The YEVIOR Coffee cup warmer is perfect coffee warmer if you like something in the slightly cheaper realm. It keeps liquids at a constant 131 degrees F and will maintain that for the whole day, or until you turn it off.

YEVIOR is a newer model, only having been released in 2019, but despite it being new it is a great product and has a built-in temperature control chip module and an auto shut-off after 8 hours function.

This coffee mug warmer does not have a certain cup type, so it will warm any cup that you would like, excluding plastic and paper. This model also comes with the ability to sense when the cup is on it, so you need to make sure your cup is heavy enough to trigger the sensor.

YEVIOR Coffee Cup Warmer is our lists best budget coffe mug warmer.

Norpro Decorative Cup Warmer

easy to use coffee mug warmer

This beautiful coffee mug warmer falls along the lines of mid-priced coffee mug warmers, the Norpro Decorative Cup Warmer is perfect to match with the other best coffee mug warmers. Its decorative design makes it fit almost perfectly with any office or home design.

It is perfect for the office, home, dorm room, and hotels, it can keep your coffee warm for hours, and since it has a higher wattage than most coffee warmers it will keep your coffee piping hot. Be careful though, prolonged exposure to the plate could cause your coffee to become scorched since it runs at a higher wattage.

The heating element is nonstick, which makes cleaning a breeze if you happen to spill anything on this. The power cord measures 60” which is perfect if you are far away from a plugin.

Cosori Coffee Mug Warmer & Mug Set

Cosori Coffee Mug Warmer & Mug Set

The Cosori coffee mug warmer features touch-tech controls, an LED display, and a water-resistant plate. One added benefit is that you can switch between °F and °C. It has a user-friendly design so it is very easy to use.

It comes with a matching mug made of stainless steel made with a cool-touch handle, so the cup will get hot but your hand will not! The one downside is that you have to use Cosori mugs with this device.

The plate can get up to 230°F, and the beverages will get up to 158°F. This product is slightly more pricy, and you do have to use mugs that are made for it, however, it is beautiful in design and makes a great gift as our best coffee mug warmer set.

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Bravo Line Hottest Coffee Mug Warmer

Bravo Line Hottest Coffee Mug Warmer

The Bravo line hottest coffee mug made our list of top best coffee mug warmers because it is an amazing little product. It can keep a variety of things warm from coffee, all the way to oatmeal. It will keep all contents at a perfect 180˚F.

The base of it is larger so that way it will fit larger style bugs or bowls. IT also comes with two free silicone lids to help prevent spills and the liquid from evaporating.

It features an automatic shutoff, which shuts off after 3 hours, which is an amazing feature. These coffee mug warmers are also waterproof, it has a ceramic casing that helps insulate, and an aluminum alloy heat plat that provides optimal heat conduction.

I also need to mention that this can also act as a candle warmer! And with its waterproof design clean up is easy!  

Things to consider before buying a coffee mug warmer.

Cord Length

When it comes to coffee mug warmers, cord length determines where you can put your coffee. If you are using it for a kitchen then a shorter cord would be ok. If you tend to bring your mug warmer to work to keep your coffee warm, then you might want to get a longer cord.

Safety features

Many coffee mug warmers come with a variety of safety features; one that is extremely important is an auto-shutdown feature. Every day houses catch on fire due to the fact people leave electronics plugged in. So this feature is essential if you keep your coffee mug on all day and leave, forgetting about it.

Multifunction models

If you are going to be spending money, you might as well purchase one that can do other tasks. These tasks can range from warming soup, hot cocoa, and wax candles.

How hot is a coffee mug warmer?

When it comes to mug warmers, temperature matters, the surface temperature of most mug warmers will vary depending on the wattage used, however, they will generally keep your coffee between 120 and 140 degrees F.

Can you put a paper cup on a coffee mug warmer?

The short answer is NO! Please do not place paper cups on a coffee mug warmer. Paper cups leak over time, and coffee mug warmers are electric so you might get electrocuted or cause a fire.

Are coffee mug warmers safe?

To put it simply, coffee mug warmers are just like any electronic that conducts heat, they may burn you, and if left on they may cause a fire. That is why it is always best to look at each coffee mug features before you buy them. Always ask yourself “Does it have an auto shut off?” if the answer is no, and you are forgetful like many others, then always look for one with an auto shut off feature.